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Writing Practice - a Journal for Technical Writers Becomes Available!

This 100-page writing practice journal for technical writers is the first of its kind.  It provides you a safe place to create samples, practice your writing skills, and provide clarity on the types of technical writing you want to do and industries to work with.  Plus, answer the top five interview questions.

In this journal there are four sections with writing prompts. They are:

  • Mindset. This gives you the clarity you need to decide on the types of projects and industries best suited for you.
  • Writing Practice. Writing various topics keeps your mind sharp. Some of these exercises build on one another and helps you create samples to use for job interviews.
  • Interview questions. There are five top questions that get asked. Here you'll write out your answers ahead of time to prepare.
  • Reference. Blank pages to continue writing an answer and enter any research you do for an interview.
Writing Practice - a journal for technical writers